Thousands Overwhelmed Faneuil Hall at Boston’s Pro-ACA Rally

Marty Walsh and the Mass. delegation led a demonstration that drew more than 6,000.

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Photo via Twitter/Elizabeth Warren

As Republicans begin the process of eliminating the Affordable Care Act, demonstrators and most of the Massachusetts congressional delegation overwhelmed Faneuil Hall this weekend with a rally in support of Barack Obama’s signature health law.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, spoke to a crowd that was rumored to have swelled to more than 6,000, to advocate for the ACA in the state that produced the so-called Romneycare health program on which it was, in large part, based.

“We are making a statement that healthcare is not a privilege. It’s a right for everybody,” Walsh said in his speech. “It’s a national statement, but Massachusetts, Boston, and this very special hall has played a very special role.”

Speakers were also quick to take aim at Donald Trump, who campaigned on the promise of finally eviscerating and overhauling Obamacare, a goal the GOP has sought since the ACA was enacted in 2010.

Warren, who spoke at the rally, also penned an op-Ed in the Globe today lambasting Republicans’ plans to do away with the health law, dubbing their strategy “repeal and run,” and listing the ways she fears repeal would impact Massachusetts residents, among them the loss of healthcare for many with pre-existing conditions, and cuts to federal funding for low-income residents.

It’s not just Democrats calling on Congress to keep provisions of the act in place. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker last week wrote a letter defending some of Obamacare’s mandates to his colleagues in Washington.

The rally on Sunday was one of many held around the country under the banner “Our First Stand” and promoted by Bernie Sanders.