The Most Popular Jobs in Boston

Thinking about switching careers? These are the Hub’s hottest professions right now.

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Marketing Managers
Median Salary: $133,178

Organizations are moving away from print marketing to refocus on digital strategies—and that’s where the jobs are. “Anybody who’s saying, ‘I like marketing, but I don’t know anything about digital’ is not at all going to be successful,” says Elaine Varelas, managing partner at the HR consulting firm Keystone Partners.

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Software Developers
Median Salary: $106,687

Think robots are out to take your job? Think again. Before humans can be phased out of the workforce, humans have to build those robots in the first place. That’s where system engineers, IT program managers, and other software developers come in. “They are able to take what’s currently being done by other professionals and end up automating it,” Varelas explains.

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Registered Nurses
Median Salary: $101,559

Although there have been more-desperate shortages in the past, nurses are still a hot commodity. And these days, they aren’t just being hired in hospitals. “You’re seeing RNs in the beauty world, doing laser treatment and things like that,” as well as in biotech, Varelas notes.

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Management Analysts
Median Salary: $96,987

An umbrella term for folks who can quantify and run metrics for projects, management analysts work in a number of industries. If number crunching is your thing, a bachelor’s degree in a field such as general management and experience with techniques like Six Sigma, an approach to streamlining processes in business performance, will serve you well, Varelas says.

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Medical Scientists
Median Salary: $70,533

In a city overflowing with universities, hospitals, and biotech companies, health researchers are always an asset. “One of the things people are really looking for are PhD scientists,” Varelas explains, who can conduct clinical trials on new drugs, test medical devices, and study diseases.

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Accountants and Auditors
Median Salary: $78,251

“Since the financial crash, there’s been a lot more regulation put on financial reporting,” Varelas says—and that’s created more demand for skilled accountants and auditors to work with public and private companies alike. “With so many more people being given [profit-and-loss] responsibility, it’s a powerful background to have.”

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Sales Managers
Median Salary: $145,768

“Most true salespeople are very self-sufficient, very autonomous, and they don’t like to report to people,” Varelas says—which makes disciplined, motivational managers all the more essential, whatever the product. “They’re typically going to be proven salespeople with all the qualities of a successful leader.”

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Executive Secretaries
Median Salary: $63,404

As businesses continue to streamline operations, this support role has become even more essential. “Executives have to increase their productivity,” Varelas says. That means outsourcing tasks that are “important, but not important to the business,” like calendar management, travel arrangements, and event RSVPs, to a trusted deputy.