I Tried Out for the Boston Cannons While Wearing a GoPro

Turns out I'm not cut out for Major League Lacrosse.


The Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse held their annual open tryouts at Patriots Place in Foxboro this weekend, attracting dozens of former collegiate players hoping for their shot at the big leagues.

Making the team from these tryouts isn’t unheard of—last year, UMass Amherst alum James Fahey impressed the Cannons coaches and earned a spot on the roster. Upon suiting up in lacrosse pads and strapping on my GoPro camera, it immediately became clear that I would not be following in Fahey’s footsteps.

“I think you’ve got good speed. Your hands are fantastic. Shooting’s spot-on,” said team president Ian Frenette, trying his hardest to be diplomatic while assessing my lackluster abilities. “Areas for improvement? Maybe some conditioning. Your shorts, maybe.”

No love for the argyle nylons, apparently.

The Boston Cannons return to action in April. They’ll face the Chesapeake Bayhawks in their home-opener at Harvard Stadium on May 6.