You Can Request Bagpipers with Uber Today

The St. Patrick's Day stunt returns.

Edinburgh, Scotland - 02 September 2016 : Man playing traditional pipes on the streets of Edinburgh

photo via iStock/pawopa3336

Update Friday, March 17: The day has arrived. To request a performance between now and 4 p.m., simply fire up the Uber app and type in this code: BAGPIPES. Then sit back and await the arrival of a festive and ear-splitting celebration, right to your door. More details from Uber here. The musicians come from New England’s own Stuart Highland Pipe Band, which Boston profiled in all its blowhard glory in 2015.

Earlier:If your idea of a good time is treating your coworkers to full-volume traditional Irish music in the middle of the day, then, Boston, you’re in luck. Uber just announced that the company will once again let you order bagpipers on demand this St. Patrick’s Day.

The ride-hailing company debuted the unusual service last year, shuttling pairs of bagpipers and drummers to offices around Boston, Cambridge, and Chicago. It was so warmly received that they’ve decided to bring it back, Uber announced in a newsletter.

An Uber spokeswoman confirmed that the offering is returning to Boston next week, but said she couldn’t share more details yet. Last year, the service was offered between noon and 4 p.m. on the holiday, for free. All you had to do was fire up the app, enter a promo code, and, according to Uber’s website, “prepare a spot for the performance that is respectful of nearby neighbors, coworkers, and leprechauns.”

We’ll let you know when we hear more.

“Keep in mind that demand will be high and supply limited,” Uber says in this week’s newsletter. “Stay tuned for your chance to request!”

The bagpipe stunt isn’t Uber’s first experiment with quirky promotions. Over the years, they’ve brought customers everything from flu shots to puppies, kittens, and ice cream.