All the News That’s Fit to Eat

Keeping track of Boston’s dining scene can feel almost as daunting as figuring out what kind of salsa is safe to eat. Chowder scours the Internet for the latest good news and food-related additions to our lexicon.

Good News
Chowderfest has come and gone, and for the second year in a row, Christopher’s Wine Bar won the title of Boston’s Best Chowder. We call shenanigans—Christopher’s is in Maynard.

ZagatBuzz reports that the owners of Lala Rokh and Bin 26 Enoteca will open a new restaurant and gourmet market in the South End sometime this fall. The site also reports that Barbara Lynch’s trio of new endeavors are getting close to opening in Fort Point Channel.

Rumor has it a Cold Stone Creamery will open in what was once an ATM in Cleveland Circle. Good luck avoiding the Freshman 15 now, Boston College!

Foodies who moonlight as linguists, rejoice!
Many of the latest additions to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary are food themed, such as edamame, prosecco, and soju. Perhaps our favorite is pescatarian, which the experts define as a vegetarian who eats fish, but we define as someone who’s a pain to dine out with.