Get Ready For a Blackbird Doughnuts Food Truck

The new South End shop is also extending their hours to make room for creative soft serve and doughnut sundaes.

A selection of doughnuts at Blackbird Doughnuts in the South End. Photo by Chris Hughes

A selection of doughnuts at Blackbird Doughnuts in the South End. Photo by Chris Hughes

Around the time that Rebecca Roth Gullo and Seth Yaffe of The Gallows began an in-depth search for real estate on a second restaurant, Yaffe, The Gallows Group’s COO, found himself in Chicago, researching ideas for their new menu. He dropped in on all the must-try hotspots from Paul Kahan, Stephanie Izard, and Rick Bayless, but it was the early morning crowds that flocked to The Doughnut Vault on North Franklin Street that really caught his attention. Undaunted by the line curling around the building, Yaffe joined the throng and waited his turn.

After sampling creations like their wedding cake softie and Moka old fashioned, Yaffe was hooked.

Gullo and Yaffe are soon to open their second restaurant this spring in Gordon Hamersley’s recently vacated space, a coup for The Gallows crew after years of fruitless searching. Through some creative snooping, Eater Boston has uncovered a concept heavy on Asian and Mediterranean small plates, but that yet-unnamed restaurant came second to the duo’s passion for creative doughnuts.

Blackbird Doughnuts opened on January 9, and if you’ve already swung by in the last week, you can see the resonance of that Chicago trip all over their new venture. From the stark white walls, to the ornate chandelier and an etched French cafe-style mirror, Blackbird seems to channel its revelatory forebear right down to some of the doughnut flavors themselves (hello, salted caramel and pistachio).

That’s not the only thing Blackbird is going to emulate from its Midwestern predecessor. Starting this spring, you’ll be able to get your fix of wild berry jelly, sesame sriracha, and blackberry lavender doughnuts off their very own food truck. Not only are they applying for various spots around the city, but Yaffe says they’ll be participating in a number of area farmer markets, including SoWa Market come May.

In addition to prepping for their upcoming food truck, Blackbird is already hard at work on their next menu, which will include ingredients like pomegranate, coconut, and habanero peppers. Outside of staples like their vanilla glazed and chocolate old fashioned, Yaffe says they’ll be swapping out new flavors every couple of weeks.

And doughnuts aren’t the only way you’ll be able to sate your sweet tooth at Blackbird. Within the next couple months, The Gallows Group is going to be opening Blackbird at night, dishing out soft serve ice cream both in cones and in doughnut sundaes–and you can be assured the soft serve flavors will be as wild and inventive as their (already!) sought-after doughnuts.

blackbird doughnuts

Photo by Chris Hughes

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