Stock Your Freezer with New England-Themed Parlor Ice Cream Flavors

Need a gift for your Polar-loving friend? Do not miss Jacqueline Dole's pop-up in Worcester this month.

Parlor Ice Cream Polar Orange Dry (left) and Moxie flavors

Parlor Ice Cream Polar Orange Dry (left) and Moxie flavors. / Photos provided

This season’s must-have for any Polar Beverages fan, Worcester devotee, and/or ice cream enthusiast: Jacqueline Dole is churning up another batch of her Orange Dry-flavored Parlor Ice Cream. At a pop-up on December 17, she’ll have pints, cups, and scoops of the sherbet, as well as her popular Moxie Soda flavor, at George’s Coney Island.

This is the second time Dole has popped up at the legendary hot dog joint in Worcester, and we’ve been hankering for another opportunity to try Parlor’s Orange Dry.

“The first time I did an event at Coney Island, I wanted to make a couple of flavors in homage to Worcester and Polar was the first thing that came to mind,” she says.

The company stands out not only for the giant bear mascot that welcomes visitors to the city, but also for its addictive, flavorful seltzers and classic beverages like Orange Dry. Made with 10 percent orange juice, the soda is a less-sweet alternative beloved in New England for decades (and by Dole, she says).

As an ice cream, “the result is like an orange sherbet with a bit of a tart bite,” she says.

Moxie is another regional beverage Dole has long loved, and its unique, bitter flavor translates well in ice cream, she’s learned.

“The initial taste of the scoop is like you’re having a Coke float, [with] all the same caramel syrup-y flavors you get from a standard pop paired with a sweet cream base, but then the gentian root starts to hit and you’re left with a slightly licorice finish,” she says.

This time at Coney Island, Dole will have dry ice on hand to make packing pints to go easy for guests who travel to pick up holiday gifts (or personal feasts). She’ll also have Hoodsie-style cups available, as well as scoops and cones.

Can’t miss Orange Dry sherbet this time? Parlor Ice Cream is taking pre-orders via email, so let Dole know ahead of time if you plan to stock up.

Parlor Ice Cream Co. pop-up at George’s George’s Coney Island, 158 Southbridge St., Worcester, 508-753-4362,