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7 Easy Home Hacks for Your Small Space

If you’re an empty nester heading into the next stage of your life or a city dweller that values location above all else, you might be dealing with a reduction in your home’s square footage.

Fortunately, with a few simple tricks, you can maximize your living space to make even the closest of quarters feel larger and more inviting. Don’t think of it as downsizing; it’s rightsizing.

Cut the clutter. Too many knickknacks crowding tabletops and countertops can create chaos, so adopt a minimalistic attitude. Carefully curate your choices for décor; a few framed photos and an accent vase or bowl can go far. Leave windowsills empty except for small plants needing sunlight.

Seize every opportunity. Got some room under the stairs to fit a table and chair? Consider it your own at-home office. Extra wall space behind the front door? Hang some hooks for coats and place a drying mat for shoes to create a makeshift mudroom. There’s a lot of potential in the places most people overlook.

Repurpose large furniture. Can’t bear to part with your oversized antique china closet? Use it as a dry food pantry or extra clothing storage. Large furniture should be put to practical use so it serves a purpose. Your space is precious and limited, and every inch counts.

Add mirrors. Creating the illusion of extra space, mirrors make any room look larger. Target areas like mantles, hallways, and above beds as a DIY headboard. Position them opposite windows to reflect natural light and instantly brighten your place.

Replace your windows. This is especially important in older houses and apartment buildings. Your windows see a lot of wear and tear through frigid winters and humid summers, so it’s probably time for an upgrade. Pick a frame-in-frame design like the charming Marvin Ultimate Insert Double Hung to fit into your former window opening without disrupting the exterior or interior trim. The double-window design will let light pour in to your place and give it a more open, airy feeling.

Keep it wheeled. Opt for wheeled furniture with end tables and ottomans. Take the heavy lifting out of rearranging and change up the layout of your place easily. Ideal for entertaining friends and family, wheeled tables can double as bar carts or serving trays and wheeled ottomans make for stylish extra seating and storage.

Lay down some rugs. If you have a free-flowing floor plan sans walls or dividers, you might need a way to indicate where one space ends and the next begins. Use different patterned or colored rugs to designate the dining room from the living room and more.

It doesn’t take much to widen your world; start with your windows. JB Sash & Door is your local go-to resource for all Marvin windows and doors. Take a tour of their Marvin Window and Door Showroom and find personalized windows and doors for your petite place.

For more information on how to size up your space with brand-new windows, visit the JB Sash & Door Marvin Window and Door Showroom at 280 Second Street in Chelsea or online at jbsash.com. Call 1-877-JBSASH1 or e-mail info@jbsash.com to speak to a JB Sash consultant.