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Boston’s Top Architects, Real Estate Developers Agree: Automated Homes are the Wave of the Future

Once upon a time, the phrase “well-connected” described social butterflies who knew lots of people. But in today’s age of rapidly advancing technology, the term is also used to describe homes that run off of forward-thinking, automated solutions for things like controlling intake of natural light and shade.

We sat down with Brianna Goodwin and Jen Dauley of Ver-Tex, Boston’s premiere automated window treatment solution experts, to discuss the in-demand features making their way into more homes each year, thanks to their one-stop showroom in Fort Point Channel and professional guidance that helps clients design with daylight in mind.

Here’s what we learned about homes that are plugged-in to modern technology – and how smart features like automated lighting and motorized shades are trending like never before:

In an automated home, life’s a little simpler.

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but Boston’s savviest homeowners and high end real estate developers don’t just desire connected homes – they expect them.

After all, homeowners nowadays are more accustomed to automated technology, and features in every room to control audio, visual, and lighting equipment. And, with smart technology making life simpler than ever with a touch of a button, easy-to-use home automation control apps from a variety of manufacturers can suit any homeowner’s needs.

Partnering with cutting-edge technology providers leads to endless possibilities.

Automated homes that run off smart technology are much simpler to live in when the right technology is being used – and thanks to 30+ years of forging exclusive partnerships with all the top brands like Hunter Douglas, BTX, and Lutron, the expert design and installation teams at Ver-Tex can typically complete a home project without a hitch even when faced with tight deadlines.

And, it’s re-assuring to know that they offer seemingly endless options which means that their expert staff can be trusted to offer unbiased advice without favoring certain manufacturers, leading to more honest guidance and better outcomes that will always be geared toward your specific project.

Gives residents peace of mind

Spaces that feature innovative solutions can run on timers and be controlled remotely – giving homeowners a newfound sense of security while they’re away on vacation or simply down the street.

And, the remote control and app-based solutions can also protect valuables inside the home from outside elements – so whether you’re home or away, you needn’t be concerned about natural elements like the sun dulling hardwood floors or damaging valuable upholstery and personal belongings that may wear over time if exposed regularly to too much direct light or heat.

Now that you’ve been enlightened, Make an appointment with a knowledgeable Ver-Tex design team member. Then, visit their extraordinary showroom for an expert consultation and look forward to a more forward-thinking home.