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7 Simple Projects and Tips for Increasing the Value of Any Boston-Area Home

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If there’s one purchase Bostonians know will pay off down the road, it’s real estate. And as a result, all our homeowners want to see the value of their home climb, whether it’s their first house or they’re a seasoned property owner upgrading their residence. But it’s not just about owning the deed to the right spot: what you do with it can make a huge difference in value.

The good news is, you don’t have to transform your home HGTV-style if you know what’s going to make the biggest impact. From carefully revamping your yard, to selecting the right appliances for your kitchen, there’s an abundance of easy ways that Boston homeowners can increase value—even for buyers who haven’t taken their first night’s sleep in their new digs. Below are our top seven tips for improving the value of your Boston abode. 

It All Starts with the Exterior

Bostonians living in freshly-built condos in Seaport or brick-faced townhouses in the North End have curb appeal built into their properties, giving would-be buyers a great first impression. Homeowners living in the suburbs of Boston can match this appeal by putting some love into their yard. Maintaining a weekly grass mowing schedule ensures that the yard looks fresh for buyers that may close on your home. 

Planting some flowers can go a long way as well, adding color and vibrancy to make your Jamaica Plain home stand out to prospective buyers. These are inexpensive and fun ways to subtly impress buyers and add value to your home when it comes time to negotiate a deal. 

Clean Up the Wear and Tear (Regularly)

Over the years, the fresh shine of a home begins to wear around the edges, even when you remember to take your shoes off at the door and you Swiffer the floor every few days. Regularly repainting the walls every few years, steam cleaning carpets, and buffing or replacing tired wood floors breathes fresh life into the house while raising the value of that Charlestown clapboard-sided home. 

For sellers, refreshing the paint and doing a deep clean are critical aspects of preparing the home for an open house. Buyers want to picture themselves living in your home, and the best way to create their blank canvas is to make sure your home is as clean as possible.

Upgrade Your Gadgets

While new paint, a freshly steam-cleaned carpet, and new crown moldings will spruce up your Back Bay retreat, homeowners in Boston can skyrocket the value of their historic, Parisian-styled home by updating the appliances. 

A dishwasher can last a homeowner for years, but many homebuyers want to move into homes complete with new appliances. Sellers with the available funds can get a leg up at the negotiation table by upgrading their home appliances so the home is move-in ready. 

This concept can help condo owners trading up for a new home by giving them a competitive edge when wooing aspiring buyers.

Get a Rebate When You Buy

Fixing things up is great for current homeowners, but for prospective buyers, there are also options for taking your home value up a notch. Why not get off to a good start and get cash back when you buy the Boston home of your dreams? Homebuyers purchasing Boston property spend a large amount of money to cover the down payment and other associated closing costs. But homebuyers can now save thousands of dollars by working with modern brokerages like Prevu that give buyers a commission rebate

Usually, buyer’s agents and listing agents split a 6 percent commission (3 percent to each side), but Prevu provides a rebate of up to 2 percent of the purchase price back to buyers with the company’s Smart Buyer Rebate Program

Declutter the House

For sellers ready for the finishing touches, the easiest way to make your home stand out is to declutter your residence, so prospective owners can picture themselves living in the house. By removing personal effects, keeping all countertops clutter-free, and keeping the air fresh with a fragrant cleaning spray, buyers can easily imagine how they would decorate their new home after closing a deal. 

And do not forget to let the light in! Opening the blinds to let light into your home and wiping all surfaces clean of dust can help inspire an indecisive buyer to make an offer on your home. 

Know Your Home’s Value

The value owners attach to their home becomes apparent when it is time to decide on a listing price. The memories we build in our homes last a lifetime, but when it is time to move on to their next place, sellers must leave emotion at the door when setting an asking price with their real estate agent.

Overpricing your home risks possibly lingering on the market, but posting too low of an asking price risks leaving money on the table. Before you make the decision to sell your home, get a few opinions on what your home may be worth.

Save When You Finally Say Goodbye

Commission is the largest closing cost sellers pay in Boston. Luckily, commissions are negotiable, and there are now alternatives to traditional brokerages that help sellers save compared to the average 5 percent or 6 percent commissions. After all, you will net more on your sale if you pay less in commission.

Homeowners can save thousands on their sale by working with modern brokerages like Prevu that charge a fair commission rate. With Prevu, a local expert will guide you through the sale of your home for a listing agent commission of only 1.5 percent, plus a buyer’s agent commission for a savings of up to 3 percent with the brokerage’s Smart Seller Program.