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Governor Charlie Baker


Karyn Polito Wants To Be Charlie Baker’s No. 2—But What Does He Want?

There’s an intriguing article in Monday’s Globe by two fine political journos about Karyn Polito’s decision to run for Lieutenant Governor—the official announcement of which […]


Q&A #6: 2014 Races, My View

“Pete Christopher” asks: What (if anything) from the most recent insiders poll do you disagree with most? Well, I am not calling them idiots this […]


Insiders Poll: The 2014 State Races Are Up For Grabs

A year away from a major turnover in state-wide officeholders, political insiders across Massachusetts are having a tough time foreseeing how it will all shake […]


Q&A #6: Dems for Guv—Is It All Coakley?

A few of you are interested in the 2014 gubernatorial race—at least, the Democratic primary side. “Steven Leibowitz” asks: Does the big poll lead Coakley […]


Charlie Baker’s Campaign Headquarters Is Located In Former Sleep Lab

Candidates for public office with a reputation for putting people to sleep on the stump should think hard before putting their campaign headquarters at the […]


Charlie Baker Announces His Campaign, Gives Tour of Backyard

Charlie Baker has made his campaign for governor of Massachusetts official with a YouTube video that describes the reasons he’s running. In it, he (re)introduces […]


Charlie Baker Will Run for Governor Again

As seemed inevitable the moment Scott Brown bowed out of the race, news leaked that Charlie Baker will officially announce he’s running for governor as […]


Scott Brown Adds Governor to the List of Things for Which He Won’t Run

Cementing his new career as a public ponderer of potential campaigns, former Senator Scott Brown said Wednesday that he wouldn’t run for governor of Massachusetts. […]


UMass-Amherst Poll: Governor Scott Brown, Governor Joe Kennedy II, Or Nothing

Massachusetts voters can picture a Governor Scott Brown. They can equally envision a Governor Joe Kennedy II. (The former congressman, not his son the current […]


Kiss Rick Gorka’s Ass!

When I read the other day that Rick Gorka, Mitt Romney’s traveling press secretary, had ignited a mini-controversy in Poland by telling reporters to kiss […]

Meet Charlie Baker: The Man Destined to Become Our Next Governor

Today Charlie Baker is going to declare that things in Massachusetts have got to change, and as his tour bus rolls through Worcester’s battered downtown square of empty storefronts.

Desperately Seeking Deval

Three years ago, Deval Patrick was an inspirational outsider who rode a wave of goodwill into the State House. Today, he’s one of the least popular governors in the country. Granted unprecedented access to Patrick and his inner circle, Carlo Rotella offers an intimate look at a beleaguered administration and a governor aiming to reclaim his once-sterling image.

Top of Mind: Charlie Baker, Extended Version

Boston editor James Burnett: What do you think is the one thing that could have the most impact on improving healthcare? Charlie Baker: Since you […]

Top of Mind: Charlie Baker

Harvard Pilgrim CEO, healthcare reform pot-stirrer, Great Massachusetts Republican Hope, 52, Swampscott.