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Governor Charlie Baker

City Life

Boston, We Have a Wealth-Gap Problem

Lee Pelton cannot see. It’s a Friday morning in early October, and harsh stage lighting is temporarily blinding the Boston Foundation president and CEO during […]

City Life

Cat Masks, “Dumb Money,” and Chicken Tenders in Champagne

It was an everyone-who’s-anyone sort of affair when bestseller machine Ben Mezrich and his wife, Tonya (Boston magazine’s style editor), hosted a VIP premiere of […]


A Boston Publicity Titan, a Lovely Airline Stewardess, and 400 of Their Closest Friends

The Story The meet cute. Without it, how would romance movies exist? But even Nora Ephron might struggle to write a love story as endearing […]

City Life

Inside Boston’s Youth Mental Health Crisis

They are the words that no parent wants to hear from their child: I need help. I feel like I’m going to hurt somebody or […]

City Life

Jon Keller’s Nine Big, Shiny, Happy Ideas for the New Governor

It’s been called “the best movie yet done about politics,” and 50 years after its release, one line from The Candidate still resonates. A political […]

City Life

Is This Charlie Baker vs. Gavin Newsom Finals Bet the Best We Can Do?

Boo to these men: Ah, I see you’re feeling confident now with the series headed back to Boston, @MassGovernor? Yes, I’ll take that bet. And […]

City Life

So Long, Charlie. RIP, GOP.

DEATH NOTICE: The Weld Republican—iconic provider of partisan balance in Massachusetts for decades—passed away on December 1, 2021. Its death was confirmed by Charlie Baker, […]

City Life

The Battle for Franklin Park

The auditorium at Boston’s English High School was packed when Zack DeClerck strode to the microphone one April evening in 2018. Before him was a […]

City Life

What You Need to Know about the Idea of a “Vaccine Pass”

The vaccine passes are coming! Or…are they? From the early days of the pandemic, the concept of a vaccine pass (sometimes called a vaccine passport) […]

City Life

Charlie Baker: Leadership, Lessons Learned, and What Lies Ahead

“It’s nice to see you,” Charlie Baker says, walking toward me and bending his long right arm so his elbow points in my direction. I […]

beth israel vaccine delivery
City Life

Why Did Boston Hospitals Briefly Stop Receiving Vaccine Doses?

What in the world was he thinking? I’m talking about the baffling decision by Gov. Charlie Baker—a man who prides himself on being a manager […]

City Life

The New Antihero of the Massachusetts’ Vaccine Rollout: The Four-Armed Octopus of Doom

It’s playfully orange, nestled into a cloud colored gentle baby blue. Its four (not eight!) tentacles sprout from its featureless orb body and are splayed […]

City Life

As COVID Cases Climb, the Honor System Is the Law of the Land in Massachusetts

When Gov. Charlie Baker opened his press conference Tuesday afternoon to unveil the state’s newly re-tooled approach for handling the latest coronavirus surge in Massachusetts, […]

Gov. Charlie Baker
Home & Property

With Evictions Slated to Restart, Questions Fly about Baker’s New Plan

Things are not looking good here in Massachusetts: COVID-19 cases are ticking up, state unemployment is the highest it’s been since the 1970s, winter is […]

Home & Property

A Two-Month Delay of Evictions Doesn’t Solve the Crisis, Housing Advocates Say

As much as each day of the pandemic tends to blend together, there is one date that has stood out for months: August 18. That […]