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Gretchen Voss

City Life

Pointe of No Return

When multiple young women accused a Boston Ballet prima ballerina and her husband of subjecting them to sexual violence almost too lurid to believe, it made headlines around the world. Then the accused lashed back at their protégées with an eye-popping defense tailor-made for tabloids. Behind the curtain of Boston’s most outrageous ballet scandal.

City Life

The Loooong Shot

Traveling club teams have transformed what it means to be a student athlete. Are the 6 a.m. practices, out-of-state games, sky-high bills, and toll on kids’ bodies and souls (and families’ sanity) still worth the improbable chance that sports will get your kid into college?

City Life

Scandal! Feuds! Betrayal!

An oral history of the rise and fall of Boston’s most loathed (and loved) gossip column.

City Life

The Man Who Fell to Earth

From Boston to Nantucket, Alden Shoe Company executive Richard Hajjar wanted to soar with the celebs and the jet set. Until he came crashing down.


Why are so many young kids in Boston’s well-to-do suburbs getting diabetes? Weston mom Ann Marie Kreft has been raising that question with anyone who will listen—and now she’s enlisted some famous allies to find the answer.

They’re just flowers, right? Wrong. A jaw-dropping arrangement takes a lot of handwork, rare buds, and a big bank account.

Gone are the days of picking your colors first—design your wedding around your favorite cuisine and let it all take off from there.

The Food Affair

Here's how to take care of your well-traveled guests.

Details: The Out-of-Towners

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

South Boston’s Elisa Santry went on her Outward Bound trip, as the company’s own ads say, to test her limits. She wound up lying face down and bloody on a rocky canyon floor. A year later, her family is still struggling to make sense of what

Dangers That Can Cause or Lead To…

Block Party

Block Party

We asked five local pros how to make your wedding pictures perfect—their answers may surprise you.

Behind the Lens

How to make it to the altar without killing him.

I Love You. I Hate You.

Pre-Wedding Honeymoon

Infighting, politics, and red tape are costing our state its head start in the race to profit from stem-cell research.