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Sal DiMasi's Lawyer Seeks Stay in Rhode Island

Thomas R. Kiley is asking a federal judge to block DiMasi’s return to the Lexington, Ky., prison where he started his sentence. DiMasi has been […]

Great Fall Getaways: Newport, Rhode Island

For the Epicurean Thanks to farm-to-fork restaurants sprouting up all over the city, Newport is fast becoming a dining destination. Local favorite TSK is owned […]

Best of New England: Rhode Island

Lodging Hotel : UrbanHOTEL PROVIDENCEThough today’s cookie-cutter “boutique” hotels like to lay it on thick with the neon and the trance music, Hotel Providence emphasizes […]

Ask a Native: Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Rhode Island

ON CHILDHOOD MEMORIES Blueberry picking at Pippin Orchard [in Cranston] was always perfect in August, when the berries were in season. Now I go with […]

The $500 Weekend: Providence, Rhode Island

A frugal tour of the newly fashionable capital.

Rhode Island

Once nicknamed Rogue’s Island—for its hodgepodge of settlers from all religious backgrounds—Rhode Island continues to cram a lot of diversity into 1,200 square miles. Where […]

Weekend Retreat: Newport, RI

Where to Stay You’ll be treated like royalty at Newport’s famed Cliffside Inn. During daily high tea, patrons are invited to nibble on tea sandwiches […]

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Rhode Island Poaches Talent from Big Dig

People often ask me why I left Rhode Island, especially when I’m down there a couple of times a month during the summer to enjoy […]

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Disenfranchised in Rhode Island

Last month, I wrote about how happy I was to technically be a Rhode Island resident so I could vote in one of the suddenly […]

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Rhode Island Is Important. Really

I reside in Massachusetts, but I am not a Massachusetts resident. Weird, I know. I have an apartment in Massachusetts. I earn money in Massachusetts. […]

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Rhode Islanders Are Football Fans Too

We’re going to make like Mitt Romney and talk semantics for a moment. While we generally refer to the team as the Pats, the full […]

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Rhode Island Governor Throws Himself Under the Bus

Despite our horrific commute during Thursday evening’s snowstorm, we were pretty calm about the whole thing. But when state and city officials started laying blame […]

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Don’t Make Us Come Down There, Rhode Island

The Big Dig is like that crazy relative you make fun of all the time. Sure, you’re allowed to laugh at his foibles, but if […]

Summer Escapes: Bristol, Rhode Island

Summer Escapes: Bristol, RI