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Save My Life


Lynn Resident Says ABC’s Save My Life Show Actually Saved His Life

Millions of Americans have been watching Save My Life: Boston Trauma every week, but for Lynn resident Dana Mower, the program provided a lot more […]


Boston EMS Will Premiere Saturday Night

If you missed the premiere of Save My Life: Boston Trauma on Sunday, don’t worry—its sister show, Boston EMS, will air its first episode on Saturday, […]


Save My Life: Boston Trauma to Premiere This Weekend

Save my Life: Boston Trauma, one of the two new reality shows focusing on the Boston medical community, is set to premiere this Sunday, July 19. […]


Two Boston-Based ‘Real Life’ Medical Shows Are Premiering This Summer

There are more than two dozen hospitals and medical centers in the greater Boston metropolitan area. So that means there’s a good chance you know […]


ABC Is Filming a ‘Documentary Series’ Inside Mass General’s Emergency Room

Camera shy? You may want to stay away from Massachusetts General Hospital’s emergency room. Producers at ABC are using the No. 2 hospital in the nation’s […]