Boston EMS Will Premiere Saturday Night

The first episode will feature a fatal car crash, a train accident, and more.

If you missed the premiere of Save My Life: Boston Trauma on Sunday, don’t worry—its sister show, Boston EMS, will air its first episode on Saturday, July 25 at 9 p.m. on the ABC network.

Boston EMS is a five-part series that follows Boston’s first responders as they tend to emergency calls around the city. The premiere’s major storylines will include a hit-and-run car accident that killed a cyclist, first responders searching for a patient possibly hit by an Acela train, and a man dragging himself from a car just before it catches on fire. ABC also promises a heart-warming segment about two EMT’s giving a homeless man a “surprise gift.”

If Save My Life‘s premiere—which focused on a shooting in Charlestown, among other cases—is any indication, Boston EMS promises to be a success. According to an ABC report, ratings for Save My Life gained a summertime non-sports viewership high for its 10 p.m. time slot. About 3.5 million people watched the premiere, and there was a 9 percent viewership hike from the first half hour to the second.

All future episodes of Boston EMS will air Saturdays at 9 p.m. on ABC, with Save My Life following at 10 p.m.