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Researchers Tagged the First Great White Shark of the Season

For the first time this season researchers put a tag on a 12-foot-long Great White Shark that was cutting through the ocean waves off Chatham. […]


Great White Spotted Off Nauset Beach

Researchers spent an hour tracking a Great White shark off the coast of Cape Cod over the weekend, marking the first sighting of the season […]


Video: ‘That Is a Huge White Shark, Dude’ [Updated]

UPDATE: The captain of the F/V Cynthia C on Cape Cod, who captured footage of a Great White shark circling his boat, posted the full, […]


Brigham and Women’s Researchers Swim With a Shark

Brigham and Women’s Hospital hosted a competition inspired by ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, except this event wasn’t about businesses such as Wicked Good Cupcakes or Morning Head—it was about medical […]


Cape Cod Man Snaps a Photo of a Shark Feasting on a Seal

It was a sight he hasn’t seen in the more than 30 years he has been in the area. Over the weekend, Eastham resident and […]


Lions of the Ocean

Bob Yates doesn’t mind eating his lunch next to the chopped-off heads of bluefin tuna, with their black, bulbous eyes staring back at him as […]


The Weymouth Shark Sighting Probably Wasn’t a Shark

Officials are going back and forth over whether or not there was a shark sighting off the coast of Weymouth on Thursday. According to the […]


Shark Researchers Take a Bite Out of Discovery Channel’s Fake Shark Week Documentary

A Cape Cod nonprofit organization committed to raising public awareness about Great White sharks off the coast of Massachusetts chewed out the Discovery Channel’s premiere […]


Roboshark: Remus 100 “Sharkbot” Tails Great Whites Off Cape Cod

Woods Hole’s scientists get up close and personal with the great white shark.


‘The Largest Great White Shark Expedition in U.S. History’ Is Happening Off the Cape

A non-profit shark research group is gearing up to hit the high seas in an effort to conduct what they call one of the biggest […]


Nothing Makes Us Embrace Autumn Like Finding 20 Foot Great White Shark in Chatham

Officials just closed a Chatham beach after hunters found and tagged a 20-foot great white shark. To put that in perspective, the largest great white […]


Too Many Sharks, Not Enough Signs

Despite the recent increase in shark sightings along the Cape, many area beaches have not posted signs warning visitors of danger. And even when they […]


Why Sharks Don’t Scare Us (Much)

Photo via iStockphoto It was 1976 and, thanks to cable television and lax parenting mores, I watched Jaws when I was eight and developed a […]

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Shark Week’s Not Really My Thing …

So this weekend, I saw my first ever episode of Shark Week. And it was all right. Interesting, if a little heavy on the bloodlust […]


Nigel Barker Says Shark Hunting Is Not Fierce

We here at Boston Daily love animals. From gregarious turkeys to flustered mother ducks, we love all God’s creatures. (Aside from the ones that try […]