Chris Sweeney

Chris Sweeney, Senior Editor at Boston Magazine

Chris Sweeney is a senior editor at Boston magazine.


The Interview: Jaylen Brown

The Celtics star on why video games are the future of sports and Internet trolls give him superpowers.


The Interview: William Gross

The new police commissioner talks race relations, turf wars with the State Police, and the dumbest criminal he’s ever seen. 


What Would You Pay to Fix the Gridlock?

Why raising the gas tax could ease the worst part about living in Boston—the traffic.


Sue O’Connell Is Always On

NECN host Sue O’Connell talks highbrow art, lowbrow TV, and how Boston can be even cooler.


The Interview: Roger Berkowitz

The Legal Sea Foods head reveals the real story behind President Donald Trump’s near snub of his clam chowder.


Tom O’Keefe Is Always Trending

Boston social media star Tom O’Keefe on drunk tweets, creepy DMs, and pints of ice cream.


Why Is Good Help So Hard to Find in Boston?

Plumbers, carpenters, and electricians are Boston’s hottest commodities. But good luck getting one to fix your home.


What Happens When You Kill a Bicyclist?

Nearly two years after a surgeon was killed riding her bike, a controversial police investigation ruled it merely a roadside collision. But that’s just the beginning of the story.


The Interview: Jeff Miron

The Harvard financial wiz tackles the question that should be on everybody’s mind: Is our economy heading over a cliff?


Neighborhood Watch

From vacations to cars, here’s how to make your neighbors green with envy.


The Entertainer

Strega’s Nick Varano wants to make you feel like a star.


Boston Traveler: Miami, Florida

With a sizzling art scene and some of the world’s best chefs, Miami brings the heat.


Aw, Rats!

They nest in our homes. They breed faster than rabbits. Make no mistake: Boston’s rats are in charge. We just live here.


Should Boston Stop Using Cash?

In Boston’s economy, is cash doing more harm than good?


The Trump Effect

One year in, many of Boston’s biggest names are feeling the president’s influence—for better or for worse.