The Endodontic Group: Root Canal Specialists

Practicing for nearly half a century, The Endodontic Group continues to grow while remaining true to its founding motto—“Strive for perfection and you’ll achieve excellence.” Established by Dr. Gregg Nagel’s father, Dr. Robert Nagel, the practice flourished while maintaining its reputation for quality care and as the preferred endodontic practice for referring dentists and patients.

The practice’s success hinges on its commitment to excellence. “We really focus on quality care,” says Dr. Gregg Nagel. “I believe what sets us apart from other specialty practices is our desire to do what is best for our patients, and the pride that our doctors and staff take in providing quality treatment. Our patients always come first.”

Staff members are also essential to the Endodontic Group’s success. Many of them have been working at the practice for more than 25 years. Such employee loyalty speaks volumes about the practice environment.

The Endodontic Group continues to improve and reinvest in its physical offices with new and advanced technology for patients. Both office locations have the latest technology, which includes top-of-the-line dental microscopes, ultrasonics, and digital dental radiography. In 2016, the Framingham office has undergone a state-of-the-art renovation to add space and a cone beam CT scan. While over the years the technology used to perform successful root canals has changed, the care and conscientiousness of the dental specialists has remained the same, which is ultimately what makes the Endodontic Group exceptional.

The Endodontic Group
Dr. Robert Nagel
Dr. Gregg Nagel
Dr. Lisa M. Wendell
Dr. Eugene H. Choi
Dr. Stewart C. Carp
Dr. Erik B. Gonzalez
Dr. April Alford

55 Main Street
Framingham, MA 01702

16 Congress Street
Milford, MA 01747

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