Wedding Cake Alternatives Are Just as Sweet

From cupcakes to doughnuts, macarons to pies, couples are forgoing cake in favor of a more personal touch to their wedding confections.

You have personal touches everywhere at your wedding: a pop of red at the hem of your gown, cufflinks containing a map of your honeymoon beach, your grandma’s favorite flowers in your bouquet. You’ve put your mark on every part of the celebration. So when you and your beloved don’t like cake, why have one? Although you certainly can’t go wrong with a traditional wedding cake, some people feel a bit blasé about this classic confection. If you have a certain favorite sweet treat, let that dessert take center table instead. Consider these cake alternatives.

Cupcakes: According to a survey done by and, cupcakes made up 17 percent of wedding dessert choices just a few years ago, and their popularity is still going strong. At local fave Sweet, you can top your cupcake tier off with a six-inch groom’s cake, monogram your toppers in elegant script, or select frosting that matches your fabrics. Cake Pops: Many bakeries offer pops as a great alternative to a giant wedding cake. Ask your favorite baker to create these mini-cake balls on sticks in a variety of flavors, so everyone can just grab and go. Doughnuts: If you’re going with doughnuts, consider offering a huge stack of basics, as well as assorted artisanal flavors (dare we suggest a glazed bacon doughnut?). This way, guests can pick and choose. Because everyone loves a good doughnut.

Wedding Macarons

Wedding Macarons via Shutterstock

Macarons: Be très hip with a tower of these French confections. A recent addition to Boston’s food truck circuit, Cameo Macaron collaborates with Hermela Belachew of Behind the Design to create dessert table arrangements. Pies: Perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding, have an assortment of pies on a table for all to dig into. Let the season dictate for the freshest fruits. The varieties are limitless: coconut cream, lemon meringue, and berry are great summertime treats, while pumpkin and apple could be fall favorites. Cookies: Peanut butter, chocolate chip, sugar—there are so many options to choose from. Serve with cups of warm milk, for that extra-cozy feeling, or mini-milkshakes.


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