10 Must-Dos When Getting Ready for Your Wedding

Best of Boston winning makeup artist Katrina Hess shares her thoughts.

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

The moment is here. It’s just you and your ladies, getting dolled up and dressed up for your big walk down the aisle. No pressure for things to go smoothly.

We tapped 2014’s Best of Boston makeup artist Katrina Hess for her advice on how to create seamless and stress-free “getting ready” moments:

  1. Although you could buy another dress for the reception, sometimes just a little change in makeup does the trick. Have your makeup artist up the ante on your look in between your ceremony and reception. Hess suggests going romantic and soft for the ceremony and then, especially if it’s an evening reception, achieve more drama with heavier eyeliner or a richer lip color. Bonus: a greater variety of photo looks.
  2. When having your makeup done, consider your wedding venue, the weather (hello, humidity or wind), and lighting throughout the day. “Is your ceremony outdoors, but your reception is indoors? Is it sunny or overcast? Are you in a candlelit ballroom or a bright funky loft space?” she asks. “Your make-up should be adjusted to play off all of these factors.”
  3. If a belly full of butterflies made sleep elusive the night before, you might wake with puffy eyes. Hess suggests dipping caffeinated tea bags into a bucket of ice for 15 minutes. Ring out the cold bags and place them on your eyelids for 10 minutes. “I do this for brides quite a bit the morning of the wedding,” she says.
  4. There’s nothing more beautiful then a little sparkle for a winter wedding, according to Hess. To create a seasonal shimmer (hello, gorgeous Snow Queen), after applying eyeshadow add her favorite Kevyn Aucion’s The Loose Shimmer Powder. “It’s perfect for shaping and illuminating the eye, and these pearlescent shadows can be used alongside or as an over-lay on another color.” Try Candlelight, a golden Shimmer for a warmer look; Selenite, a cool grey that’s perfect over the smokey eye; or Rose Quartz, a soft pink shimmer that looks great on every skin tone. There’s also Make Up For Ever’s Star Powder. “It catches the light and gives the eyes an intense sparkle and unparalleled shine,” she adds.
  5. “Brides should never get their make-up done last,” says Hess. “Go right in the middle of your wedding party, and ideally get it done in stages.” By spreading it out, your look will be as fresh as possible.
  6. Winter lips can be dry and cracked. “This is the most common problem I come across, especially in the changes of season, summer to fall, fall to winter,” she says. Smooth plump lips are a must because they’ll look healthy and hold lip color all day. Use a daily scrub (she recommends Sara Happ). Give it to your groom too, so your first kiss is a smooth move.
  7. To achieve the best look, get your make-up done in a well-lit room with plenty of natural light, especially for outdoor weddings. “I always use a hot light for both day and evening weddings,” says Hess.
  8. It’s your day, so it seems counterintuitive to say you get ready last, but that’s exactly what Hess wants you to do. “Tell your bridesmaids they should be make-up/hair ready and dressed before you so that they’re ready for the photos of them dressing you.”
  9. There’s a lot to do as you’re getting ready for your wedding, and climbing over your photographer shouldn’t be one of them. Hess suggests taking command of your organization skills with your dress, rings, shoes, earrings, jewelry, purse, etc. “This way the photographer can take pictures of them and not disturb you while getting you’re make-up and hair done,” she explains.
  10. The mirror is your friend on your wedding day, so spend some time with it. It’s not vanity. It’s appreciation. “Soak up the moment,” she says. “It leads to confidence walking down the aisle.”

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