Heavenly Spot

Trinity Place
One Huntington Ave.,Boston
1: Mitchell and Alison Robbins
2: Donna Bubash and Doug Dorfman
3: Haya and Joseph Linde


Mitchell and Alison Robbins

Mitchell is a real estate entrepreneur; Alison is a full-time mom.

WHERE THEY CAME FROM Mitchell bought the condo before marrying Alison. Before that, he lived in the Back Bay. Alison was living in Florida when they met.

THEIR STYLE Modern and functional. “When we had kids, we made subtle changes to give us more space,” says Mitchell.

THEIR DESIGNER Architect Maho Abe of Zen Associates in Woburn.

THEIR FAVORITE DETAIL  “We live in a large house in Florida half the year,” says Mitchell. “When we come back, we have more intimacy in this unit.”

WHY TRINITY? “Location,” Mitchell affirms. “And the whole building gives off a great sense of warmth.”  

WHO THEY ARE Donna Bubash and Doug Dorfman

WHAT THEY DO Doug owns Dorfman Jewelers; Donna works in marketing.

WHERE THEY CAME FROM Longfellow Place on the waterfront.

THEIR STYLE “Eclectic,” says Doug. “Some of it is traditional French, some English. And there’s some 1930s luxe and Asian accents thrown in.”

THEIR DESIGNERS Medford interior architect Klaus Fuchs; decorators Claude Guidi of Palm Beach and Jeanne Murray of Boston.

THEIR FAVORITE DETAILS “We have a 19th-century armoire with beveled glass and fluted columns,” says Doug. “I also collect hand-chiseled silver pieces from Milan. Together, it just works.”

WHY TRINITY? “It’s got style, location, and intimacy,” says Doug.

WHO THEY ARE Haya and Joseph Linde

WHAT THEY DO Joseph is a venture capitalist; Haya has worked in floral design and in the art world.

WHERE THEY CAME FROM Needham, where they lived in a nine-bedroom home on 1½ acres.

THEIR STYLE “We started with a Provençal theme and some Mediterranean antiques,” Haya explains, “but we gave it a twist, making it more contemporary. We wanted a cleaner look.”

THEIR DESIGNER Haya. “I have a knack for it,” she shrugs.

THEIR FAVORITE DETAIL “I love my sofa. It’s Italian and has beautiful stitching; it’s heavy and very comfy.”

WHY TRINITY? “We have the most incredible concierge service,” Haya gushes. “It’s like living in a boutique hotel. You feel like a queen!”