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Judy Habib is the CEO and president of KHJ Brand Activation, an independent, full-service brand strategy and activation firm with deep expertise in healthcare, real estate, and B2B services. Situated in Boston’s thriving Seaport district, KHJ is widely recognized for bringing brands to life by igniting internal cultures and creating powerful audience engagement and experiences.

You’ve been referred to as the “brand whisperer.” What does that mean?
I believe that life is a journey of the human spirit, and the same is true of business. An organization needs to find its
“soul” to have meaning, and in today’s millennial mindset, that’s important. Here at KHJ, we have a unique methodology to deeply listen and express brands in a special and very meaningful way. The result is always magical.

You have a unique perspective on work/life balance. Can you explain this?
People talk about a work/life balance as if they were separate, as though work were a sidebar of life. To me, it isn’t about working for a living, but rather about your work being an integral part of your life expression. I strive to have KHJ be a place for people to be supported and empowered on their personal and professional journey of growth and development so that they can be all they can be… and then some!

You’ve been in business for 30 years. Do you look at KHJ differently today than you did at the beginning?
I can honestly say that it’s been three decades of continued growth and development. In our first two decades, we focused on being known for our specific expertise and striving for operational excellence. In the third decade, we expanded our focus to include internal branding. We have a saying here, “Meaning matters. Culture counts.” When an organization’s culture is strong, growth happens.

What makes KHJ different from other companies?
We operate at a deep and soulful level at KHJ, so people who are drawn here can thrive in our environment. They are constantly surprising themselves by how they are called to play their best game in support of KHJ’s mission—to help people and organizations see and realize what’s possible for themselves and the world around them.

What advice do you have for other organizations?
Who are you being in the world…and how great are you willing to have it?” That’s the question you’ll see painted in big letters on our wall. Essentially, it’s a gauntlet-throwing dare to play your biggest game, and be the best contribution you can be to the world before you leave it. For the past 20 years, I have served on the board of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital supporting founder Danny Thomas’ bold vision that “no child should die in the dawn of life.” The strength and success of St. Jude in its mission to find cures and save children is the proof positive foundation of my advice: See big. Declare boldly. Believe it’s possible. Do the work. And the rest will follow.


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