A World of Acoustic Innovation: International Guitar Night in Natick

natick international guitar nightPhoto via popinjay_osm/Flickr

If you happen to be in search of something a bit more original to do this Saturday night, check out the International Guitar Festival in Natick, described as “the world’s premier touring guitar festival.” Even for those who don’t take particular interest in the stringed instrument, there is likely to be something for anyone who enjoys music, as the event features artists from various countries who integrate their own acoustic styles and cultural influences into their performances. Among the groundbreaking guitarists who will be attending are the following:

Martin Taylor

He comes all the way from Scotland, has won several awards (including a BBC Lifetime Achievement Award and 14 British Jazz Awards), and has been dubbed “THE Acoustic Guitarist of his Generation” by Acoustic Guitar magazine. Taylor’s shows are said to emit strong emotion and portray his raw talent, all while emphasizing his own invented way of playing the guitar, which has proven to have influenced fellow guitarists, near and far. Taylor has collaborated with artists like Jeff Black, Dianne Schuur, and Chet Atkins, among many others. And if that’s not enough, he also teaches guitar online to a vast audience from around the globe.


This guitarist was born in France to Malagasy parents, and brings to the guitar festival his mix of vocalizations, guitar rhythms, and foot percussion, all coming together in a very different and brilliant Malagasy way. Solorazaf was self-taught, and has been exposed to a number of musicians who have inspired him both in and out of the studio. He was the lead guitarist for Miriam Makeba, with whom he toured the world for 15 years. His music has been positively reviewed by The New York Times, Acoustic Guitar magazine, Afropop New York City, and many more, and he continues to perform in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Brian Gore

Known as “the poet of guitar,” Gore’s musical muse comes largely from literature and philosophy, and his one-of-a-kind work incorporates a mix of classical, jazz, and folk styles. Having been described by critics as “an exceptional musician” who takes his audience on “a spellbinding, emotional ride,” as indicated on his website. The self-taught guitarist possesses a talent unlike any other, and holds his craft very close to heart. He has played in more than 20 tours, and hopes to bring forth his very best guitar playing at International Guitar Night.

International Guitar Night will take place this Saturday, January 12, 2013, starting at 8 p.m. at The Center for the Arts, 14 Summer St., Natick, MA. Tickets are $28 for non-members and $26 for members. For tickets and information, visit natickarts.org or call 508-647-0097. For more information on the artists listed above, visit their websites martintaylor.com, solorazaf.com, and guitarpoet.com, respectively.