Watch Ellen Prank Two L.A. Dunkin’ Donuts Customers from Massachusetts

'How do you like them?' '…Round.'

You may have heard that Los Angeles recently got its first Dunkin’ Donuts and that wacky West Coasters have been lining up out the door for a taste of it.

Well, Ellen DeGeneres also found out about the city’s first Dunkin’, and since people are “losing their minds” over it—her words, not ours—she decided this was a great opportunity to pull a harmless prank on the hungry queue. She picked an audience member to pose at the Dunkin’ as a cashier, and through an earpiece fed him ridiculous things to say and do.

The two customers Ellen pranked turned out to be not West Coasters curious to try Dunkin’ for the first time, but rather two former Massachusetts residents with East Coast nostalgia. Ellen had the faux cashier interrupt their order with cheesy jokes, chitchat about the weather, and completely disregard their order.

What they wanted: munchkins and Boston Kremes. What they got: an Ellen prank.

The victims were surprisingly patient throughout the whole charade.

Customers: “Four Boston Kremes…”
Cashier: “How do you like them?”
Customers: “… Round.”

Ellen has the cashier start piling dozens of assorted donuts into a box.

Customers: “More chocolate, more chocolate! … I guess I don’t need munchkins…”

In the end, the cashier charges them 35 cents for the entire box.

Lucky you, fake cashier, for running into such patient customers. There are some of us in Boston who would turn into rage monsters if you didn’t give us our munchkins.

All’s well that ends well. In true Ellen fashion, after the prank was revealed, she told the crowd via her liaison that everyone gets free donuts.