Mindy Kaling Is Invisible in This Super Bowl Teaser Ad

For Nationwide Insurance.

Super Bowl ads are becoming such important facets in popular culture that in 2015 we need advertisements to promote the advertisements. Mindy Kaling appears in this one (because what’s a Super Bowl ad without a celebrity?), and she realizes that she is invisible to other humans.

“After years of being treated like she was invisible it occurred to Mindy she might actually be invisible,” says the omniscient narrator of this teaser commercial, though clearly misinformed. Kaling stars in the third season of her own show after her time as a writer, supporting cast member for eight seasons on The Office. Mindy Kaling is very much in the spotlight and there’s nothing that should make you think otherwise.

Please excuse Mindy while the rest of us visible mortals remain oblivious to her career successes and dessert-eating abilities. And uh, we can’t wait to see the full ad next week?

mindy ice cream