The Ted 2 Trailer Is Here and Ready to Offend Moms Everywhere

"Twenty bucks says I can toss a crisp cookie into that guy's ass crack."

“‘Happily Ever After’ only exists in fairytales, yet a talking teddy bear is about to marry his girlfriend, proving that Americans don’t give a crap about anything,” says the omniscient narrator haunting your dreams, which can only mean that Ted 2 is here. Well, the trailer is, at least.

Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane are back again with the sequel to their 2012 comedy set in Boston. This time around, it looks like Ted is trying to get pregnant with his now-wife Tammy-Lynn, which is a confusing concept in and out of the world of talking teddy bears. Mark Wahlberg’s character, John Bennett, is allegedly acting as a sperm donor.

“Ted, do you believe you have a soul?” Asks Amanda Seyfried’s character, while the rest of us question our own existential crises watching this.

Also spotted in this trailer is Morgan Freeman, who joined the cast back in September. Kim Kardashian and Liam Neeson, and all the relevant/good-looking players on the Patriots (including Tom Brady’s sperm) are making alleged cameos as well. Actor Stephen Collins was taken off the project following his sex assault allegations.

Ted 2 is out in theaters June 26, 2015.