Instagramers Capture Winter Storm Marcus

These gorgeous photos of Boston are the result of record snowfall in the area.

“The few. The dedicated. The dog owners of Boston out in this nasty (but beautiful) weather.”


The roads are slushy, the cars are buried, and don’t get us started on the horrible commutes we’ve been forced to endure. But much like schoolchildren gleefully taking advantage of yet another set of snow days, the Instagramers of Boston have also taken advantage of this relentless winter weather.

Amateur and professional photographers alike have taken to the icy streets to capture the beauty of Winter Storm Marcus. That task has been clearly achieved. Take a look:


The State House:

Massachusetts State House ❄️ #Boston ❄️

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The Public Garden:


Make Way for Ducklings:

Back to our regularly scheduled programming… endless #Boston snow. [Visit:]

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Tremont Street:

Turn up the heat ♨️

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Copley Square:

Mondays in Boston have been extra challenging recently.

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Gainsborough Street:

Overmatched by #WinterStormMarcus

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No lines at Mike’s Pastry in the North End:


Union Oyster House:


The trellis in Christopher Columbus Park:

I'd complain about the snow but Boston just looks so beautiful in it ❄️#bostonsnow #iheartboston

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The Greenway Carousel:


The Waterfront:


The Odyssey:

"How do you prefer your ice, sir, crushed or cubed?"

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Three days in Southie by @Max_Holiver:


A little bit of fall still hanging around. @instagram

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Claimed. #GoHomeWinter

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John Hancock Tower:

I'm not prepared for more snow

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The South End:

Brownstones buried #Boston

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Cambridge Parkway:

The winter wonderland continues ❄️

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Kendall Square:

Bulldozer fleet on fleek

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Revere Beach:

Rocks made of snow, sand and ice. Never seen anything like this before.

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And finally, according to the photographer @NEPhotoPro, “the last train from Wonderland until Wednesday”:

The last train from Wonderland until Wednesday! What a winter! Stay safe and warm.

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