Boston Comedy Marathon Will Feature 26.2 Comedians

Dugout Cafe's standup comedy show, 'BogartLA Presents: The Mendoza Line,' celebrates its one year anniversary show right before Marathon Monday.

The Boston Comedy Marathon sq

Before tens of thousands of runners hit the pavement on Marathon Monday, laugh it up at a different kind of marathon this weekend at Dugout Cafe, where ‘BogartLA Presents: The Mendoza Line’ will host the Boston Comedy Marathon.

The Mendoza Line celebrates its first anniversary of standup comedy shows this weekend. To toast that milestone, and give marathoners some laughs, 26.2 comedians will take the stage.

“We’re showcasing a wide variety of different comics from Boston and a few out-of-town comics,” says John Baglio, founder of the show, who has opened for the likes of Kyle Kinane and Hannibal Buress. “Some newer, some more experienced, some more traditional, and some more absurd. If a comic isn’t your cup of tea, there’s no need to worry, because at this show, there’s a comedian for everybody.”

The Mendoza Line will run three 75-minute shows for its marathon of comedians with six to eight standups per show. The comics will make up the 26, and the .2 will be the bits Baglio and fellow hosts Thomas Crowley and Jenny Chalikian provide in between sets.

Baglio says the Mendoza Line is Boston’s best-kept secret, and their marathon show will display the talents of some of Boston’s best who have graced shows on Comedy Central, NBC, and TBS this past year. Comedians include Andrew Durso, Will Smalley, Ryan Donohue, Carrie Gravenson, Al Park, Tom Dustin, Ted Pettingel, and Mickey McCauley.

“Our show is very unimportant, but that’s what I like about it,” says Crowley, who was a comic in residence at the Comedy Studio in 2013.  “It’s a small little room in the back of a bar and the number of amazing comics we get every week is pretty nuts.”

The Dugout Cafe will hold 30 to 40 audience members, creating an intimate setting, and on Saturday, April 18, Baglio plans to move patrons in and out quickly after each show, unless they’re paying for another round.

Tickets are $5 per show and can be purchased at the door. Show times are 8, 9:30, and 11 p.m.  The Mendoza Line will also take donations at the door for Massmouth, Inc., a local storytelling nonprofit, in the spirit of the marathon. Chalikian, who will be a comic in residence at the Comedy Studio in June, says everyone they booked for the marathon shows will be fantastic.

“Boston is a tough city and its comedy scene follows suit,” says Baglio. “It forces you to always try to bring your A game, and that’s what we’ll do Saturday for the marathon crowd. If we can also raise some money for a good cause, what’s not to love?”


Tickets available via Eventbrite.