An Unofficial “Mindy Kaling Day” Is Coming Up in Boston

The new season of The Mindy Project will drop on Hulu, Why Not Me? will come out, and Mindy herself will grace us with her presence—all on the same day.

mindy kaling day boston

Photo by Emily Shur for “Divine Comedian”

Tuesday, September 15, is a big day for Mindy Kaling.

That day, the fourth season of her witty rom-com TV show The Mindy Project will premiere on Hulu, bringing with it more of hopeless romantic Mindy Lahiri’s awkward-but-charming antics, the introduction of her parents and—spoiler alert!—new baby, as well as a guest appearance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

On the same day, Kaling’s second book, Why Not Me?, a follow-up to her New York Times bestseller Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), will hit bookstores. It’s a collection of essays that’s even “funnier, sharper, and more confident” than her first, reads a glowing Washington Post review.

The conjunction of The Mindy Project‘s comeback and Why Not Me?’s debut is already quite a joyous occasion in and of itself, but it’s made even better for local fans with the fact that Kaling herself will be in town on that special day.

That evening, Kaling will make an appearance at the Back Bay Events Center, where Harvard Book Store is hosting a discussion of Why Not Me? featuring local surgeon, researcher, and writer Atul Gawande.

Whether a happy coincidence or planned—she is a local after all—we here at Boston have deemed the alignment of the three events as a powerful case for declaring September 15 an unofficial “Mindy Kaling Day” here in town.

How will Mindy celebrate? The Museum of Science, whose current Pixar exhibit features Disgust, Kaling’s character in Inside Out, has an idea: