Matt Damon Says His Ponytail Was a Fake

The Martian star revealed the shocking details during his appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

Matt Damon confessed to a deep, dark secret while appearing on The Graham Norton Show over the weekend.

The Boston-bred actor revealed on the UK talk show that the wildly popular ponytail he sported at a press conference in China earlier this summer was nothing but a complete fake. Cue the sad violin music.

“It was hair extensions,” Damon told host Graham Norton. “There are 700 hair extensions. It was a full day to put them in.”

Damon explained that a hair stylist was flown in to Beijing in order to give the actor his now infamous hairdo, which he rocked for over five months while filming in China for the upcoming science fiction thriller The Great Wall.

Even though the ponytail was a phony, Damon was surprised by how hard it was to maintain his luscious, faux locks.

“I have a whole new appreciation for my wife and daughter,” he said.

After revealing the shocking truth behind his hairdo, Damon, along with his The Martian co-star Jessica Chastain, had a good laugh listening to Norton read some of the outrageous tweets people posted about his popular ponytail.

The actor was also surprised to learn that his short-lived hairstyle even has its own parody Twitter account, which tweeted out a reaction to being outed as hair extension’s after Friday’s episode aired.

Fans will have to wait a while before seeing the return of Damon’s ponytail. The Great Wall, which also stars Willem Dafoe and Pedro Pascal, won’t be hitting the silver screen until November 2016.

Still, seeing the hairdo in theaters won’t be the same now that everyone knows the truth about it. Hopeful Damon won’t get heckled like Peter Griffin in Family Guy about it.