Juggler Impersonates Tom Brady at New York City Marathon

He trolled the Patriots star by juggling deflated footballs during the race.

If you thought running a marathon was impressive, try competing at one while juggling at the same time.

Enter Barry Goldmeier, a 51-year-old Maryland native who caused quite a stir on Sunday when he performed the feat at the New York City Marathon.

Taking a swipe at Tom Brady, the man—nicknamed the “Joggler”—ran all 26.2 miles over the weekend while juggling deflated footballs. Goldmeier added to the Deflategate troll job by wearing the Patriots star’s jersey and mask, which probably delighted the New York crowd.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time he’s impersonated Brady at a marathon.

From Akron to Pittsburgh, Goldmeier has pulled off the stunt at least a half-dozen times this year.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Goldmeier has also dressed as a number of different athletes at prior races, including Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

The quick-footed juggler, who averages around 25 marathons a year, doesn’t just toss footballs in the air either. He’s also juggled everything from tennis racquets to basketballs as well.

“Other runners make jokes when I drop something,” Goldmeier told the Sun. “They’ll say, ‘You’ve got to start over.’ I tell them, ‘I’m glad you’re not an official.'”

We’d advise him to not dress like Brady should he compete at the next Boston Marathon. That definitely wouldn’t go over well with the hometown crowd.