Elizabeth Warren Is Getting Her Own Comic Book

The Massachusetts Senator will be featured in this month's issue of Female Force.

Photo by Storm Entertainment

Photo by Storm Entertainment

Ben Affleck and Chris Evans aren’t the only locals who can play comic book superheroes.

Storm Entertainment has announced that Elizabeth Warren will be featured in this month’s issue of Female Force, an award-winning female empowerment comic book series. Female Force: Elizabeth Warren will be available for purchase in print and on online beginning this week.

The issue will focus on the Massachusetts Senator’s ascension to becoming a powerful voice in Congress on behalf of the middle class. But instead of taking on Lex Luthor or the Joker, Warren will use her “super powers” to face off against Wall Street fat cats and battle debt from student loans.

The 24-page issue was written by Michael Frizell and features art by Vincenzo Sansone and Chris Canibano.

“We wanted to showcase the strong women in today’s society that have inspired generations and shaped the culture of today,” publisher Darren G. Davis said in a statement. “Kids and adults alike can look up to these women as great role models. One of the coolest things about the comic books is that we found schools using them for reluctant readers.”

Warren isn’t the first star to grace the cover of Female Force as the series has featured a number of notable names, including Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Sonia Sotomayor, Michelle Obama, Gabrielle Giffords, J.K. Rowling, Cher, and Carrie Fisher.

According to a press release, future issues will feature Gloria Steinem, The Queen of England, Helen Gurley Brown, Melinda Gates, and Mary Pickford.

Print editions of Female Force can be purchased at comicfleamarket.com.