Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Feel Bad for Poor Tom Brady

The Patriots star just can't catch a break.

Stephen Colbert

‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Photo by CBS / Youtube via Screenshot

Stephen Colbert had some fun at Tom Brady’s expense following Monday’s news that a federal appeals court had reinstated the Patriots quarterback’s four-game suspension for Deflategate.

Unsurprisingly, the New York fans in the Late Show crowd applauded and cheered when Colbert brought up Brady’s bad day.

“Lots of jurisprudence fans in the audience,” quipped the late night host. “This is the most controversial legal ruling in football since that dancing robot got the right to gay marry.”

While Colbert did admit that, “if the balls were fully inflated, it would’ve been a 45-14 nail bitter” for the Patriots during their 2015 playoff win over the Colts, he also snuck in a few shots at Brady.

The comedian jokingly said that it’s fair to punish the quarterback for something that happened two years ago since “Tom Brady is aging backwards.”

And even though the Super Bowl-winning star is now set to miss the first four games of next season, Colbert doesn’t feel too bad for poor Brady.

“For four weeks, Tom Brady will be denied the joy of 300-pound men trying to kill him,” he said. “Instead, he is stuck with a month of vacation and nothing to console himself but millions of dollars, his still valid championship ring, and his supermodel wife.”

Colbert added, “So the system works.”

Check out the full clip below.