Watch Gisele Bündchen Teach Jimmy Fallon How to Walk Like a Runway Model

It's all in the hips.

Gisele Bündchen and Jimmy Fallon

Gisele Bündchen and Jimmy Fallon Photo by Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

Gisele Bündchen gave Jimmy Fallon a lesson on how to walk like a supermodel on Wednesday’s episode of the Tonight Show.

The fashion icon briefly stopped by the show to talk about her new book as well as life after modeling. However, her husband, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and his latest Deflategate woes did not come up.

While the interview was pretty quick, Gisele did reveal that she’s not exactly sure about her plans now that she’s retired from the runway. Her main focus is to just be the best parent possible for her children.

“I have kids and you know I’m really focusing on being the best mom I can be,” Gisele said. “[I’m] taking this year as a sabbatical to see where my life will take me. Just kind of see what the next 20 years are going to look like.”

She added, “I’m just waiting to be inspired.”

Following her chat with Fallon about her early days in the fashion industry—including an anecdote about how she almost turned down modeling to go to an amusement park—Gisele decided it was time to get the late night host into runway shape. Fallon broke out his best pair of blue heels and actually did a pretty awesome job while strutting his stuff on stage.

Her advice for nailing the perfect model walk: chest forward, squeeze the belly in, and “shake the hips.”

Check out Fallon’s model walk below.