Photos from the New* SoWa Open Market

The market boasted a new beer and wine garden with cornhole and chalk drawing.

* In case you missed it, the artisanal market formerly known as SoWa Sundays is now two separate markets. The organizers of the market you knew and loved have moved their operation to Ink Block—call it the “South End Open Market.” The property owners have launched their own market at the location you knew and loved—call it the “SoWa Open Market.”

Below, see what you missed from the SoWa Open Market’s opening day.

SoWa Open Market Opening Day 2016

Market-goers checked out SoWa Open Market on Sunday, as well as the food market and art galleries. / Photo by Sarah Fisher

The new SoWa Open Market touted a new feature on opening day: a beer and wine garden. Inside the Power Station, a small gathering of visitors throughout the day sipped beer, wine, and cider while playing cornhole, drawing with chalk, and avoiding the rain outside.

Despite new organizers, the SoWa Open Market felt very similar to past years—the vendors and food trucks are all located at the same spots they were in previous years—but the crowd was noticeably thinner. Maybe location is to blame, but the South End Open Market seemed to have more visitors all day.

However, the SoWa Vintage Market—something the South End Open Market does not have—attracted steady customers all day, as well as a serving as a nice shelter from the rain.

Below, check out more scenes from opening day at the SoWa Open Market:



Photos from the South End Open Market