Watch James Corden Get Roughed Up as Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne Stunt Double

Things didn't go smoothly for the Late Late Show host.

James Corden and Matt Damon

Photo by Darren Michaels / CBS

James Corden might want to stick to Carpool Karaoke sessions with people like Michelle Obama after his rough experience on the Jason Bourne set for a new Late Late Show skit.

In the hilarious clip, Matt Damon tricks the late-night host into being his stunt double for the most brutal scenes in the latest Bourne sequel. Things definitely didn’t go smoothly for Corden as he repeatedly gets bruised and beaten.

“Stuntmen are expensive,” Damon says in the video. “I mean, it can’t be the first time that he’s been punched in the face. He’s got an extremely punchable face.”

After enduring the challenge of being a stuntman in an action movie, Corden got Damon to return the favor by having him stop by his show on Monday night. The appearance featured much less violence as the actor chatted with the host and comedian Keegan-Michael Key about a variety of topics, including his recent commencement speech at MIT.

Damon joked that he fake graduated from Harvard and MIT because he attended the universities’ big ceremonies, but never actually earned degrees from either institution.

“I fake graduated from everywhere in my hometown,” Damon said. “Look, I’m an actor. I’m not supposed to really graduate.”

CHeck out more from Damon’s chat with Corden below.