Amazon’s The Departed TV Show Won’t Be Set in Boston

Seriously kehd?


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Don’t expect to hear any bad Boston accents when the television reboot of The Departed debuts on Amazon.

According to Deadline, Martin Scorsese’s classic Oscar-winning gangster movie is a getting a major facelift for the upcoming series, which was recently picked up by the online streaming service. Instead of taking audiences on another tour of Boston’s Irish mob history, the new show will be centered around feuding drug gangs in present-day Chicago.

While this sadly means that audiences definitely won’t get a chance to hear Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, or Mark Wahlberg break out their Southie impressions again, the series’ overall plot won’t be a major departure from the film. Deadline reports that the show involves an undercover cop who infiltrates a Latino gang, which has snuck a man of their own into the police force.

Although fans may be a bit bummed over Boston getting the boot, it’s not like the 2006 drama was all that original to begin with, as it was based on the Hong Kong movie Internal Affairs.

Amazon’s The Departed series is being written and executive produced by Jason Richman. Roy Lee and Graham King, who served as producers on the film, will also return as an executive producers.