Elizabeth Warren Dances into Election Day with Ellen DeGeneres

The Massachusetts senator also made one last pitch for Hillary Clinton on Ellen.

Elizabeth Warren boogied down with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday’s episode of Ellen.

The Massachusetts senator showed off some of her funky dance moves during her appearance on the daytime series, which aired the day before Election Day. Although Warren had a bit of fun with the talk show host, she also got serious while making one final pitch for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“It’s a question of who’s going to lead this great country,” Warren said. “I’m all in with Hillary Clinton on this.”

After laying out her case for why voters should choose Clinton over Donald Trump, Warren revealed to DeGeneres where she plans to watch the results on Tuesday night.

“I’ll be at home with my husband, and I’ll be alternating between eating popcorn and eating my fingernails,” Warren joked.

The Bay State senator went on to praise all the female candidates who are running for office this year, especially those who are challenging incumbents and wealthy opponents.

“They are really showing that women are an important force in the election of 2016,” Warren said. “We are going to make it more important on Election Day. We’ve got to do this.”

Check out more from Warren’s chat with DeGeneres below.