The Best Sledding Hills in Boston

The snow keeps falling, and Mother Nature is laying it on thick. Now, with proper sled, tube, or cafeteria tray in hand, you’ll be ready to hit the slopes. Below are 21 tried-and-true top spots in the Boston area that are great for urban sledding. Scroll down to browse a Google Map. Let us know @BostonMagazine where you like to go.

Flagstaff Hill
Boston Common

With plenty of space and its central location, the Common is a solid—though predictable—urban sledding destination.

Corey Hill Outlook Park

True to its name, this spot on Summit Ave. boasts an excellent view of the city. The short and steep slopes make it a winning location for spritely teens and college students who can bail quickly. Maybe take your toddlers elsewhere.

Larz Anderson Park

With hills of all sizes and inclines, Larz Anderson Park is probably one of the popular spots in the area. The only downside are the crowds, but that’s part of the fun, right?

Amory Park

Smaller and milder, Amory is a nice neighborhood park for training the little ones.

Titus Sparrow Park
South End

Here’s another neighborhood park with gradual slopes gentle enough for the kids.

Sugar Bowl
Jamaica Plain

The Bowl by Jamaica Pond is one of the more unique and safer places to sled in the city. The inverted hill means you can drop in on one end and swing back on the other side, all without worrying about ending up in the street.

Arnold Arboretum
Jamaica Plain, Roslindale

The Arboretum is a grand winter wonderland to explore this time of year, with two hills boasting lovely views. With fewer trees standing in your way, Peters Hill at Walter and Bussey Streets is generally preferred for sledding.

Fallon Field

While everyone else is piling up on Peters Hill, head south to Fallon Field. There’s plenty of space here; let the kids have at it.

Highland Park (Fort Hill)

Burn off breakfast climbing up to the Cochituate Standpipe (Fort Hill Tower), enjoy the view of Boston, Blue Hills, and JP, and then it’s literally all downhill from there.

Malcolm X Park

Gradual slopes make for easy sledding.

Millennium Park
West Roxbury

Once a landfill hill, Millennium was covered with dirt from the Big Dig and opened as a park in 2000 with recreational space, a nature trail, and nice views of the city. Up to you whether to tell the kids what once lied beneath two decades ago.

George Wright Golf Course
Hyde Park

A public golf course blanketed with snow? George Wright is begging for sledders.

Thomas Park (Dorchester Heights)

The highest part of the neighborhood offers awesome views of downtown and the harbor, not to mention excellent sledding terrain.

Marine Park

Keep going east on Broadway to find light slopes by Pleasure Bay.

Dorchester Park

Dot Park is relatively flat with lots of trees, but there are kid-friendly spots for sledding.

Ringer Park

The hills are alive with the sound of…drunk college kids. Hey, it’s Allston.

Rogers Park

Rogers has a small hill perfect for kids to go up and down, up and down.

Alexander Kemp Playground

Located in Cambridge Common, this spot’s for the tots.

Danehy Park

Also built on a former landfill. Now one of the highest points in Cambridge, it’s also one of the city’s top spots for sledding.

Fresh Pond

Spacious, gradual slopes.

President’s Lawn at Tufts

Located just north of Davis Square at Tufts, the President’s Lawn sounds like a plot of land that’s off-limits. Not so. Students and the public alike are welcome to play here, sledding included.