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Brigid Sweeney

Real New England Weddings: Melissa and Julie

July 9, 2011, Private Residence, Marion, Massachusetts

Real New England Weddings: Danielle and Alexander

September 4, 2010, Private Residence, Belmont, Vermont

Real New England Weddings: Sapna Patel and Michael Nurick

April 15, 2015, Wentworth by the Seas, New Castle, New Hampshire

A golden couple relocates from New York City to a New Hampshire farmhouse to launch a lifestyle empire.

A Budding Genius

A floral designer gives tips on how to keep costs in check.

With one design team at the helm, two brothers build two stunning Lenox homes.

Seth started his project a year later.

Mitch, who serves as the company’s art director despite having no formal art training, viewed his home as just another design project.

Rediscovering Jamaica Plain

One fine day in this eclectic corner of the Hub.

This Concord shop features an artful assortment of home accessories, curios, and gifts.

Shauna Gillies-Smith, principal of Somerville-based landscape architecture firm Ground, explains why cities deserve to be more than concrete jungles.

The Nice Queen

The Nice Queen

Amid furor over branch closures, the Boston Public Library’s president is imposing her vision for the future—and, just maybe, a new model for how to get things done in this town.

On Location: Coolidge Corner

Maximizing a day spent in Brookline’s commercial center.

Founded seven years ago, Natalie Carpenter’s European design mecca remains ahead of the curve.

Designer Frank Roop combines custom details with midcentury finds in a condo at the South End’s Atelier 505 building. His objective? To create an environment that’s luxurious but not precious—and perfect for entertaining.