Madeline Bilis

Associate Editor at Boston Magazine

Madeline Bilis has been a writer and editor at Boston magazine since 2014. She studied journalism at Emerson College and hails from an exciting town outside of Worcester.


TBT: When City Council Officially Supported the Union

A few months before the Civil War began.

Arts & Entertainment

There’s a New Documentary About the North End’s Italian Americans

It’s the first-ever feature-length film on the subject.

Home & Property

What Color Was the Old North Church 300 Years Ago?

Paint analysts want to know.


Alcohol Is Still Illegal in Eight Massachusetts Towns

Happy anniversary, Prohibition.

Arts & Entertainment

Berklee and the Boston Conservatory Are Officially Merging

It will be complete by this summer.


Meet the 92-Year-Old Who Helped Boston Recognize Edgar Allan Poe

Her name is Patricia Bartevian.

Arts & Entertainment

The BSO Is Turning into a Magical Shakespearean Forest

For A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Arts & Entertainment

Royal Botanical Watercolors Are Coming to Mass. Hort

From the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.


The Weirdest Thing That Happened This Week

The site of the Salem witch hangings was located.

Arts & Entertainment

The New York Public Library Released Historic Images of Boston

They’re amazing.

Arts & Entertainment

826 Boston Created a Living Storybook

And you can write in it.

Arts & Entertainment

A Gardner Heist Suspect’s Prison Sentence Was Secretly Cut

It raises questions about his cooperation in the investigation.


TBT: A Historically Curious Week for the North End

It’s a time of strange happenings


Meet One of the City’s Highest-Rated Uber Drivers

She’s at 4.98 stars.


UberPOOL Is Expanding into Greater Boston

And slashing prices in half.