Mini-Masochist: Mug Shot

1199301280A hydrating mask called Mug Shot, from favorite men’s skincare line Nickel, claims to be right for “After a long journey, when you are tired, stressed or, simply have had too much of a good thing.”

Cube neighbor/fellow fashion masochist Jason Feifer and Bostonista fit into most of these categories, thanks to a combo of holiday traveling and a fabulous New Year’s Eve throwdown, so we slathered our faces in the cool, blueish cream. We then proceeded to scare mail room dude Pete as he dropped off our paychecks and alarm our boss on our way to the bathroom. Sorry Pete and James! We were working!

More practical for the office than messy wash-off masks, Mug Shot’s directions advise its users to simply wipe off the excess goo after five-to-six minutes with a “paper handkerchief.” Though we felt slightly more energized, and our under-eye baggage was less severe after rubbing it off, we were a little, uh, blue-looking.

And sticky. Feifer found a bit of tissue stuck to his nose after blowing it, and denounced the product entirely. Being something of a product whore, Bostonista can honestly say that the refreshing benefits and no-sink-needed perk of Mug Shot has earned it a permanent place in our desk drawer.

Nickel’s Mug Shot, $30, Urban Living Studio, 58 Clarendon St., Boston, 617-247-8150, and Details For Men.