Three Theme-party Ideas

1228491777Bostonista loves going to the most exclusive parties at the sweetest locales in town, but every now and then, we love to throw a proper shindig at home with our best friends. For the holidays, we cooked up some unique ideas.

Every Friday, post-work, we’re going to meet up at a different friend’s place, each armed with a bottle of good wine, some takeout, and partake in the following activities:

Game night: We stopped at mom and dad’s house over Thanksgiving to recover our childhood board games like Chutes and Ladders, Hungry Hippos, and Mall Madness. We’ll be tricking our the traditional rules as the Cabernet kicks in. But in all seriousness, once the nostalgic effect dissolves, we’ll probably settle on some Trivial Pursuit.

Clothing Swap: When winter sets in, we clear out the closet to make way for a warmer wardrobe. But instead of bringing all the outtakes to charity this year, we’re asking our girlfriends to go through their clothing too, and then we’ll convene over the unwanted items. Former cast-offs could become our new favs! (Here’s hoping Jen brings that Ferragamo bag she’s hasn’t used in years—hint, hint.)

Cookie Night: We love staying in on a snowy Saturday afternoon, turning up the tunes, and baking grandma’s famous Snickerdoodles. For this party, all of our buddies will bake different batches of cookies, and then bring a few dozen over to a friend’s house to barter and trade for different flavors. Each guest will leave will a cookie sampler that would make momma proud.