Bostonista Wrestles: The Frumpy Winter Boot

Rachel Baker and Sascha de Gersdorff get cold feet about warm winter footwear (well, at least, one of them does).

Sascha: So tell me, Rachel, how are you getting around in all this snow?

Rachel: Ugh. It’s rough. I alternate between my aubergine Hunter galoshes, regular boots, and sneakers. It’s positively soggy no matter what route I take. I’m in desperate need of snow boots…but yours are so ugly. I don’t know if I can make that sacrifice. I mean, I’m no native New Englander.

Sascha: Hmpf. I’m not sure they’re SO ugly… Well, ok, they are. But I’m vaguely superheroinesque in them. I mean, I can dash through puddles, traipse across ice, and wade into snow banks without ever getting cold feet. I don’t think we can say as much about those Puma sneakers you’ve been wearing around.
And how about those three-inch heel things?

Rachel: My heels? The deal with those is that they look hot and make me feel like myself.
Last week, these snow boots were the “Item of the Week” on And I thought to myself, “Wow, maybe if Vogue likes them, they aren’t so bad.”

Sascha: And you call mine ugly? Those look like Margie got caught in a blender and stuffed herself inside your shoes.

And, anyway, others, disagree with Vogue’s taste.

Rachel: But then I found the same pair on piperlime, and—like most people—without the airbrushing, lighting, etc., the same boots looked positively frumpy.

But apparently the rest of the readers are more trusting: Since last week, the “Joan” boots have sold out on piperlime.

Sascha: No! Did you miss the boat? Or are you glad you refrained? Also, while we’re at it, what are your thoughts on Uggs?

Mine, in case you’re wondering, are just that: Ugh. I’d rather be completely hideous and utilitarian than try (and fail) to be five-years-ago trendy.

Rachel: I’m glad I refrained. I’m not so into Ughs. I remember when they were oh-so-chic after Kate Hudson wore them at Sundance in 2003. I was the first in my sorority to get my hands on an authentic pair, you know. But no one who wears Uggs these days thinks they’re being trendy. They’re wearing them for the warmth and comfort and utility—and when it comes those things, Uggs are hard to beat. That’s why I think people should skip the $200 price tags and buy knock-offs. They’re just as comfy and warm and you can buy them at Marshalls for like $50.

Sascha: Or, they can spend less than $100 for ones like mine and get the warmth and comfort and utility but also be able to stand in a foot-deep puddle for twenty minutes without getting soggy socks.

Rachel: Or they can just continue to have frost-bitten toes like me!

Sascha: At least you look sharp. And have ten toes… so you can stand to lose one or two.

Rachel: Though, to be completely honest, I think this week’s forecasted subzero temps will have me running to LL Bean.

Sascha: I’ll lead the way.