Stuff We Love: Herff Christiansen’s Ultra-Long Ribbed Top

By: Anne Vickman

Ah, spring. It’s coming — slowly. The transitional season can be tough; winter’s wool pieces can be too warm while thin spring fabrics don’t quite keep us warm enough. And we know we’ll be putting some major miles on our rain boots, thanks to New England’s tendency toward a damp second quarter. The perfect solution? Austin-based designer Herff Christiansen’s Ultra-Long Ribbed Top. The material is pure cotton, thin enough to wear with layers, thick enough to be worn on a cool day, and long enough to wear as a dress. It’s the ultimate blank canvas: Dressing this puppy up or down is easy even for the fashion-challenged (which, we’ll admit, we are some days), and it pairs perfectly with everything from heels to a bright pair of wellies.

$100, Gilda’s, 101 Union St., Newton, 617-964-7199,, or online.