Testing: Bark Place's DIY Dog Wash

By: A. J. Downey

Last month, my chocolate Labrador had a little encounter with Boston’s most potent skunk. (Note: This blog post also doubles as a formal apology to any and all Southie residents around I St. and Day Blvd. area, where the stench definitely lingered for at least 36 hours. (Sorry, everyone.)) So, when I heard about Bark Place’s DIY dog wash a few weeks later, I could think of no better subject than my curious (and curiously rank) pup, Ellie. Click through the slideshow below for a tour of the South End facility, and find out if their vanilla-and-blueberry facial worked out the Pepe Le Pew perfume from her fur:

1721 Washington St., Boston. 857-362-7494, BarkPlaceSouthEnd.com.