Hot Stock Tips for Home Design

Photo by Jupiterimages

Lately, people have been saying to me, “Rachel, with the stock market acting like a runaway 3-year old with a bad caffeine habit, I’m having trouble staying on-trend.” I hear you — so I’ve created this simple design guide for a market that’s come off its hinges. Have a tip? Don’t hog it. Share in the comments section below.

Coffee table books
BULL says: Who has time to read when your portfolio’s smokin’?
BEAR says: Hardcovers are cheap and come in so many pretty colors!

Trophy kitchen
BULL says: Yes, but only if you promise not to use it.
BEAR says: Peanut butter polenta, anyone? I made it myself.

Animal prints
BULL says: Dress to kill, but the jungle stays outside.
BEAR says: Skins are for Snookie, but they hide the Ikea furniture nicely.

Home exercise junk
BULL says: Yes, in a room of its own.
BEAR says: Groupon gym deals are for you — and what the hell is your eBay password again?

Solids versus stripes:
BULL says: Solids — perfect color schemes scream interior designer.
BEAR says: Patterns distract the eye from that kitty claw-enhanced divan.

Home indoor basketball court
BULL says: Yes, in your college colors.
BEAR agrees: Cheaper than a live-in nanny.

Vacation house
BULL says: Real estate shopping is for losers.
BEAR says: Even losers can sniff out a freeloader.