Introducing Watchout!

Live in the moment with a new Boston-based line of kitschy and colorful timepieces and clothing.

[Watchout!’s James Bishai]

The sun tears through the cloud-strewn sky on a Sunday in June, and still, the brightest thing in Blackstone Square is James Bishai. The up-and-coming South End designer’s flashy spunk is front-and-center in his new Watchout! line of candy-colored, trendy timepieces and clothing.

A Weston native and Wentworth Institute of Technology graduate, Bishai, 30, is currently a full-time product designer at a local home décor company — Watchout! is a side project and creative outlet.

He draws inspiration from all walks of life, but it takes a vibrant edginess to really catch his eye. Most of his creations have a yesteryear flair inspired by the ’80s and ’90s, by the bubblegum pink scrunchies and sunshine yellow shoes of the “Clarissa Explains It All” generation.

“I feel like they used to make more risks in the past, definitely with design,” Bishai says. “Hopefully I can bring a little bit of that fun flair back.”

Read on to see his retro-fantastic watches…

His line will debut at the SoWa Open Market next month, and all pieces (two watch designs and two tank/tee designs) will sell for $20-$40.

[Watchout! “Digit” plastic watch]

After his summer Sundays at SoWa are up, Bishai hopes to move to other Boston-area outlets and expand his collection.

“I’m really just going with it. There is no set agenda… it’s just all about having fun. That’s all I want to do,” he says.

[Watchout! “Chomp” plastic watch]

— Benjamin Lindsay