Bow & Drape Settles in SoWa

Find the perfect fit with this made-for-you apparel company.


(The Bow & Drape studio opening was an intimate gathering of friends, family, and customers /All photos by Regina Mogilevskaya)

After a trial run with a pop up shop on Newbury Street in December, Bow & Drape has unveiled a studio in the South End. The space, which the New York-based made-for-you apparel company shares with Emily Muller, the designer of their spring collection, is situated near the workplaces of several other artists. “It’s really nice being in this creative atmosphere versus more of a corporate feel, which we had before,” says the company’s graphic designer, Jera Foster-Fell.

Bow & Drape Winter Collection

(Pieces from the winter collection, left to right: “Diane (Maxi),” “Audrey,” “Gabrielle,” and “Michelle.”)

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Bow & Drape’s ultimate goal? Helping women find the cut, fabric, and color that flatters them. “Aubrie Pagano, one of our founders and the CEO, noticed that there was a huge gap in the market for 30-50-year-old women,” says Foster-Fell. “There’s a ton of stuff for women in their 20’s, a lot of fast fashion, but when it comes to the largest demographic of online shoppers, that area is definitely lacking.”

Bow & Drape Studio

(The studio space at 450 Harrison Ave.)

Shopping on Bow & Drape allows women to build and design their own garment, essentially putting a modern spin on the lost tradition of classic dressmaking. First, the customer chooses a silhouette on the website. (Timeless icons like Audrey Hepburn and Michelle Obama inspire Bow & Drape’s offerings, which come in a variety of elegant silhouettes accented leather, lace, hand-beading, and other details and trims.) She then chooses the fabric, color, sleeve length, hem length, and trim. The order goes to New York, where pieces are made by hand and shipped free of charge — returns are free, too.

Bow & Drape Collection

(The “Diane (Maxi)” and the “Audrey.”)

While the winter collection is currently being phased out, classics like the “Short Diane” and the “Twiggy” (pictured below) will still be available for the new season. The spring collection, brand manager Christa Spengeman tells us, will feature a more separates and a fusion piece called the “kardimono,” which will be available in either silk or polyester. It’s set to launch mid-March.

The Twiggy

Christa and Aubrie

(Brand manager Christa Spengeman with founder and CEO Aubrie Pagano.)

Bow & Drape

(Bow & Drape Studio)

Bow & Drape, 450 Harrison Ave., 888-804-8606,